We at Kosmonotes provide the guidance that is required for you to navigate the cryptocurrency market amongst social misdirection. We focus on the credibility of individuals contributing to sentiment, in order to determine the actual likelihood of an event occurring.

So how do we distinguish between sentiment and credibility?

Kosmonotes provides the tools and guidance that you require to be protected in real-time from misleading hype.


Our interface is simple, intuitive, and will provide insightful indicators, and distinguish between raw and true sentiment - invaluable when making speculative decisions that could make or break your fund.

Live Graphs

Our real-time live graph feeds will allow you to visualise and track both raw and our hype-adjusted sentiment data of certain coins and projects.

Mobile Alerts

These alerts will notify you in real-time of indicators that you've customised and selected, so that you are constantly in check, and ahead of the market before it even knows.

API Access

Access to our API will enable you to have full control over sentiment data within the cryptocurrency market. You can easily integrate the API into speculative strategies or algorithms to stay one step ahead of the market.

Our team has the capabilities and expertise
you can trust


Our diverse team of consultants has decades of experience in startups, technology, data science, user-centric design and mentoring. We are all passionate about driving exciting, sustainable, tech focussed business.

Simon Berman

CEO, CTO & Mentor

Simon Berman is a tech entrepreneur and founder of Kosmonotes, an AI-driven research, authoring and collaboration tool which simplifies the creation and navigation of complex information. He works as a coach for the MIT Entrepreneurship bootcamps which teach the principles of Disciplined Entrepreneurship both inside corporations and to cohorts of extremely talented individuals. His technical expertise lie in Serverless Cloud Computing, AI, VR/AR and IoT with a strong interest in cryptocurrencies. He is a passionate problem solver and holds a deep belief that anything can be accomplished with the right combination of creativity, imagination, intelligence, technology, organisation and determination.

Ryley Colless

Founder, COO, & Sales Expert

Ryley Colless has and continues to be a hustler-entrepreneur. From humble beginnings creating small school yard marketplaces for extra pocket money, to pushing his way into becoming 1 of 9 other of the worlds first electrical engineers specialising in Wind-Turbines. Over the years he has taken this "Don't take no for an answer" attitude to 3 successful startups and now he is sharing those skills with the next generation of entrepreneurs. He specialises in growth hacking, understanding your customer and maybe most importantly effective communication.

Stephanie Miles

Head of Product Development & Mentor

Stephanie has been working in the startup space for most of her career. With a background in media communication, web design, web development and product development Stephanie is highly skilled at narrowing in on key customer problems and designing engaging products to solve them. From delivering mental health and wellbeing training to employees through apps to educating women who have suffered from domestic violence on how to use technology to start micro enterprises Stephanie is a firm believer that when used in the right way technology has the power to make positive and meaningful contribution people's lives.

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